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With over 25 years of experience in the field of immigration and various visas, including tourist, student, startup visas, and etc., we are ready to accompany you in all stages from obtaining a visa to the Canadian citizenship process.
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Immigration to Canada

Official experts at Pars National Immigration Organization, with over 25 years of experience in various immigration and visa processes, including tourist, study, work, and visas, are ready to assist you in all stages from visa acquisition to the Canadian citizenship process.

Canadian Visa

Benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge in the field, obtain a Canadian visa. We provide specialized consultation and support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process, guiding you through the complexities of various migration programs with precision and accuracy.

Residency and Citizenship

Pars National Immigration Organization, relying on expertise and experience, provides comprehensive and efficient services in residency and citizenship matters. Its main objectives include providing consultation, legal and administrative support.

Other Services

Providing consultancy services for resolving migration-related disputes, appeals against immigration decisions, and other migration-related issues can be offered as a vital and beneficial service in supporting immigrants and in various countries.

The fastest and most cost-effective method of immigration

Migration through the startup route is a novel approach for individuals with innovative and constructive projects or seeking permanent residency for themselves and their families.

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The official consultants of Pars National Immigration Organization will assist you in achieving your migration goals

About us

Pars National is your companion and guide on the path to immigration to Canada.

Immigration solutions vary according to your personal circumstances such as education level, language proficiency, and work experience. Our specialized team at Pars National is committed to providing tailored guidance for your situation through Express Entry, provincial programs, and other immigration pathways.

With over 25 years of successful experience and a 98% approval rate for immigration cases, we guarantee your success in the immigration journey.

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Pars National, your passport to Canada

Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are one of the popular methods for immigration to Canada and obtaining permanent residency in this country. These programs allow provinces and territories of Canada to select individuals who intend to immigrate to Canada and are interested in settling and living in a particular province.


What Our Client Says

Official member of the ICCRC

Niloofar Bagherzadeh

Expertise and Experience: With over 20 years of outstanding experience in the field of immigration and Canadian visas, Niloofar Baqerzadeh uses her expertise and experience to help you quickly and confidently reach your migration destination.

Personal Consultation: Drawing on years of experience, Niloofar Baqerzadeh will provide you with a personalized and precise consultation experience. Each individual is unique to us, and consultation will be tailored to the specific circumstances of each person.

Comprehensive Services: Consultation in various immigration areas including work migration, educational migration, family migration, special talents, study visas, visitor visas to Canada, and more.

Successful Cases: Niloofar Baqerzadeh is one of the most successful immigration consultants with a very high number of successful cases and years of experience accompanying you in the most important decisions of your life to achieve the best results.

Official member of the ICCRC


25 years of experience

Thousands of Successful Immigration Cases

Official member of the ICCRC

Siamak Zarei

Siamak Zarei is an experienced immigration consultant with over two decades of experience in the field of Canadian immigration and various visas, including Canadian study visas and tourist visas. He accompanies you on the path to immigration and travel success. With expertise and attention to detail, he is recognized as a professional guide in the areas of work, study, and family immigration.

Your Companion in the Journey to a New World: With over two decades of experience, Siamak Zarei is ready to be a reliable companion on your immigration journey. As an immigration consultant specializing in work, study, and family matters, he is known for providing consulting services with precision and high confidence.

In the field of immigration and visas, Siamak Zarei ensures quality consulting services, assuring you that by choosing him, you will achieve the best possible outcome on your immigration journey. From visa issuance to Canadian citizenship, he will help you with reliance on his experience and expertise.

With years of experience in visas and immigration and a high number of successful cases, Siamak Zarei provides specialized consulting services tailored to each applicant's needs and goals, ensuring you reach your destination in the best possible way

Official member of the ICCRC


25 years of experience

Thousands of Successful Immigration Cases

Specialist in visa and immigration

Maryam Zokaie

Maryam Zokaie is a vital member of the Pars Nashin company team, a reputable immigration company committed to providing pathways for migration and various visas to Canada.

As a skilled specialist and paralegal in this field, Maryam Zokaie possesses abundant knowledge and expertise. Her precision and thorough understanding of immigration laws ensure that each client receives accurate guidance and counseling throughout their migration process.

Maryam's interest in assisting individuals in achieving their dreams of starting anew in Canada becomes evident through her work ethics and commitment.

With a responsible approach and dedication to providing superior services, Maryam plays a vital role in facilitating the visa and immigration process for applicants.


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